Residential Transation Services

  • Coordinate opening of the file with escrow and handle all documents securely.
  • Introduction email will be sent providing a timeline of deadlines with a copy of the executed contract to coop-agent, buyers agent, buyer/seller - (Your client as appropriate) lender and title company.
  • Ensure all documents are fully executed with dates, initials, signatures, broker information is completed. 
  • Submit all required contract documents to broker for compliance.
  • Send/request disclosure packages and gather signatures if needed. 
  • Ensure the lender, title company, and broker receive any amendments or changes to the contract. 
  • Verify EMD deposit and obtain receipt from escrow. 
  • Verify inspection date and time. Ensure all parties have received reports to review. 
  • Update deadlines due to any changes in the contract. 
  • Collect HOA documents in accordance with deadlines and email to buyer agent (if on list side) or to buyer (if on buyer side) 
  • Order Home Warranty per contract if needed. 
  • Verify HOA documents have been ordered if applicable. 
  • Confirm inspection has been set up in accordance with offer deadline. 
  • Monitor appraisal timeline and completion with the lender. 
  • Ensure your buyer/seller is provided a copy of all documents. 
  • Draft Commission Disbursement and obtain authorized signature on commission instructions.
  • Upload all disclosures, documents, and reports into agents online transaction management service as they are received or fully executed throughout the transaction. (if applicable) 
  • Provide access to the transaction management service 24/7 to all parties to the transaction (if applicable) 
  • Maintain constant contact with all parties involved for status updates as well as outstanding items. 
  • Verify escrow has all required documentation. 
  • Coordinate and confirm final walk-through. 
  • Conduct a final audit of file 7 days prior to closing to ensure all documents are uploaded and the file is complete. 

Buyer Specific Transaction Services

Seller Specific
Transaction Services

  • Review buyers rep agreement and all broker required forms for compliance. 
  • Submit all executed contracts, counter-proposals, and amendment extensions (if applicable) to escrow. 
  • Ensure EMD wiring instructions are sent to Buyer and escrow has received funds
  • Obtain signatures and ensure all forms are accurate and complete
  • Assist with reqest for repairs and contingency removals
  • Give utility contact info and remind the buyer to transfer utilities. 
  • Review Listing Agreement and all broker required forms for compliance. 
  • Obtain signatures for all documents and ensure all forms are accurate and complete. 
  • Originate disclosures, amendments, and addendums as requested. 
  • Follow up on repairs and receipts. 
  • MLS Data Input to pending inspection, pending, and closed. 
  • Ensure all parties are aware of upcoming deadlines and pursue any past due items.